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The VacuFlex® direct suction system supplies fresh water for the TrackJet® high-pressure jetting applications, vacuums away residues loosened during the TrackJet® process together with the waste water, and stores it until final disposal.
The TrackJet® VacuFlex® direct suction system provides an extremely convenient method of carrying out maintenance work on all surfaces and leaves a completely clean and residue-free surface behind!

All water and removed material are vacuumed up completely. The surface is ready for immediate use after the process is complete.


+++ Residue-free work thanks to direct suction +++



How it works

The VacuFlex® system consists of

  • A vacuum-proof steel tank mounted on a truck loading platform or on a truck trailer carrier A flexible elastic membrane installed in the steel tank separates the fresh water from the waste water, even as the volumes change.
  • A vacuum system that helps suck up water and material loosened in the cleaning process directly on the TrackJet® nozzle and then transfers it to the waste water chamber in the TrackJet® tank.

The flexible membrane installed in the TrackJet® hermetically separates the waste water and fresh water chambers.

This makes contamination of the fresh water supply impossible and enables the tank volume to be continuously adjusted to the required volumes of waste water and fresh water.

There is no need for additional supply and disposal vehicles as the decreasing fresh water volume roughly corresponds to the increasing waste water volume. The tank volume that becomes available when the fresh water is consumed can then be used to store the increasing volume of waste water.

Therefore the VacuFlex® system 9/13 can usually work up to six hours non-stop, i.e. the entire night shift, without the need for support vehicles to resupply the fresh water reserves and without having to leave the job site to dispose of waste material. Systems that offer longer or shorter uninterrupted cleaning times are also available.

After the cleaning process is complete, the waste water and the rubber or marking residue can be disposed of separately.

+++ Only 1 operator with 1 vehicle
on the runway during the ENTIRE shift +++

vacuflex_innen vacuflex_containerEntleerung trackjet_hinter_Container


  • Tank volume reduced to a minimum thanks to balanced in-and-out system
  • Fill-ups required only half as frequently and good manoeuvrability compared to systems with fixed chamber volume
  • Highly economical, as the need for additional supply and disposal vehicles is eliminated
  • Simple disposal of removed materials
  • Immediate quality control of cleaning results
  • Treated surface immediately ready for full traffic use
  • Long work periods without interruption
  • 1 operator - 1 vehicle - 1 shift
+++ Truly impressive +++